Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Like father, like son

I was inspired when I read of a dad and lad combination taking on the Edinburgh Marathon this weekend. I was even more touched when I discovered that they were running in memory of their father/grandfather.

Tim (48) and Liam Howlett (23) plan to raise £2,000 in support of Prostate Cancer UK in memory of Brian, who died from the disease aged 72. They also hope to raise awareness about the disease, which sadly claims thousands of lives each year.

Tim tells the EDP24: “It’s so easy to get prostate cancer and not realise that you have got it because the sort of symptoms are all associated with getting old. I think my father probably had it about a year or so before he even realised something was wrong, and by then it was too late.”

According to both men, training for the race has brought the pair closer together. “We were close before but we’re even closer now because we have spent a lot of time training and going through the pain of running 20 miles together,” Tim continues.

“We’ve agreed, even though Liam’s younger and fitter than me, we’ll finish together come what may, even if it means he’s got to slow down so I can stay with him.”

As Father’s Day approaches (June 16), start thinking of fun things you can do with your grandfather/father/son. What did you enjoy doing with your own father as a child? Is this something you could ‘recreate’? Make the most of this day to spend some quality time with the important guys in your life.

Secondly, and this probably isn’t something you want to think about, why not do some research on prostate cancer yourself? More than 10,000 British men died of prostate cancer in 2010, so it’s worth finding out what the symptoms are and getting checked out by your GP if you have any concerns. And encourage your mates to do the same…

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Feel free to share your best Father’s Day memories in the comments below. What are you planning to do this year to make it extra special?

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