Thursday, 2 February 2012

Uni Lad has had its day; Sorted mag is here to stay!

Imagine your daughter has just left for university, excited about the new friends she’ll meet and the wonderful things she’s about to learn. The world is her oyster!

Then picture her hitting the local student bar, knocking back shots of what tastes like paint stripper and probably has a similar effect on her stomach/brain.

Her makeup is smudged all over her face and she’s slumped over the bar looking as though she’s about to vomit and pass out simultaneously.

I know this isn’t what any father/grandfather/brother wants to hear, but if you knew what was coming next, you’d understand why I’m putting you through this.

At this point, some sleazy guy who’s been staring at your little girl all night decides to make his move. He pretends to be helping her but what he’s actually doing is taking advantage of her in her semi-conscious state.

I imagine he is the kind of guy that reads Uni Lad, a publication you wouldn’t use to wrap your fish and chips in. The website of this ‘mag’ provides links to topics such as – and I quote – “how to pull a fresher”; “the blood jizz cocktail”; “Halloween: the easiest night to get laid?”; and the “vagina vomit bucket” (I kid you not).  

But this all pales into insignificance once you read a post that appeared on its site in January. Here’s a snippet:

"And if the girl you’ve taken for a drink happens to belong to the ‘25%’ group and won’t ‘spread for your head’, think about this mathematical statistic: 85% of rape cases go unreported. That seems to be fairly good odds."

I don’t think you need me to unpick the various levels of offence this short extract contains. I’m not easily shocked, but this genuinely made me feel sick. And incredibly angry. And then sick again.

In a previous blog I wrote about the link between the content of lads’ mags and the attitudes of convicted rapists, and I think this probably even tops that. Joking about rape is not ‘banter’. It’s not big, clever or funny. It’s an absolute disgrace and should have resulted in immediate legal action.

Picked up on Twitter, there was a massive reaction to this post, which has since been taken down. In fact, the whole site is being revamped and an apology has been issued. But this kind of filth needs to stop once and for all, as I’m sure most men would agree. It’s demeaning to women, but it’s also insulting to men when sites like this assume their readers condone rape ‘jokes’.

So should we hoik our daughters out of university before anything terrible occurs? Should we start an Occupy Uni Lad protest? Possibly. It’s absolutely right to stand up against this kind of poisonous prose, but in my opinion it’s just as important to take positive action.

The first step is to make sure you aren’t reinforcing negative stereotypes about women yourself. Your sons and daughters will subconsciously take your attitudes on board and may either mirror your misogynistic views (boys) or start to see themselves as worthless objects (girls).

The second step is to offer a better alternative. I know I’m biased, but Sorted magazine is perfect for uni-goers. It’s already available at many universities, but we want to make it available to every male student across the UK.

If it’s banter guys want, they can get it in Sorted. If it’s lifestyle tips or sex advice they need: Sorted. If they’re interested in film, music, celebrities, finance, politics: Sorted. If they want to ponder the meaning of life: Sorted, Sorted, Sorted!

You can help to make this vision a reality. We need financial support from individuals, churches and Christian Unions to provide the nation’s braniacs with something that’s a lot more wholesome.

Provide your son or daughter’s university with 50 glossy copies for just £70; the impact it has on university culture (and the future of our country!) will be priceless.


  1. Very well said and it need people to reflect on that article. Well done for highlighting that shocking state of affairs!

  2. first of all i dont think the rape joke is appropriate to place on a public forum whereby people can misinterpret this as ok because of it being posted on there.... HOWEVER

    "I imagine he is the kind of guy that reads Uni Lad"

    this is an absurd and ridiculous generalisation,how you can posssibly group all the people that are members of that site in the same place is beyond me, I and lots of people i know like unilad on facebook and have laughed at lots of stuff they have done and said on there, by your generalisation im one of the sleazy guys that will take advantage of her..... women like you are so far up your own ass you have no clue about what an objective viewpoint is, you wouldnt know objective if it slapped you in your sourpuss face.... i havent even looked at the rest of this site, but based on your blog post here aone, i doubt i will be going further....

  3. Thanks for your comment 'Anonymous', I appreciate your input.

    I'm not saying all Uni Lad users are sleaze bags, but I did find several entries on the site offensive and was suggesting that some guys who enjoy material like this might be a little on the sleazy side.

    I'm certainly not the only person to have found Uni Lad's content offensive - most of the positive feedback I've had on this blog has come from men, who also want to put an end to rape jokes, misogynistic views and comments that are demeaning to women.

    No-one is pressurising you to read any other content on the site, but you're welcome to air your views on anything you read here. It's always good to get a second opinion.

    As for sourpuss face, that's cracked me right up so thanks for that!